ABOUT Jennifer Michelle
the model coach

Jennifer Michelle, MTAM is More Than A Mannequin 

Jennifer Michelle is a professional runway model and coach. With more than 20 years of experience in the fashion industry, Jennifer has shared her expertise with models on the runway, in front of the camera and during photo shoots as creative director. Her relationships with designers, boutiques and fashion creatives have created opportunities for the models she has coached to book modeling jobs.

From modeling in New York Fashion Week to covering the biggest shows during the fashion frenzy; Jennifer rocks runways and red carpets and entertains guests. Jennifer is making an impact one model, one designer, one show, one person at a time.

Professional Runway Model, Coach, Stylist, Motivational Speaker, Host and Fashion Correspondent are a few of the things that make Jennifer



Professional runway model featured in New York Fashion Week, Brooklyn Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, East Coast Fashion Week and a number of private events for businesses and organizations throughout the Unites States.  When Jennifer is not on the runway, she is in front of the camera creating magic for fashion projects, television shows and motion pictures.

Everyday Runway

Everyday Runway is a fashion and beauty segment airing on CW-WCCB.  Produced and hosted by Jennifer Michelle, Everyday Runway covers the latest trends, hits and misses. Everyday Runway gets men, women and children ready for every occasion to make sure they are Runway ready Everyday” 


Jennifer is reporting live from all of the happening places throughout the country.  Fashion and faith events, political, lifestyle and sporting events are just a few of the topics Jennifer covers.  With a love for fusing fashion and music, Jennifer gets exclusive access to performers to chat about their personal style and love of the arts.