Thomas Davis Talks Fashion

Thomas Davis talks fashion, family, football and philanthropy for the Father’s Day segment of Everyday Runway.

Thomas Davis, Carolina Panthers Linebacker, is no stranger to being rewarded for his efforts.  With awards like Walter Payton Man of the Year, Bart Starr Award and Top 100 Players of 2016 I was surprised to learn Thomas had somewhat of a shy side to him.  Yes, the hard hitting, quarterback sacking and intercepting beast was very quiet… for about two minutes.

When meeting with my fashion squad for the Father’s Day segment, we all agreed we wanted to work with someone who was a great father and making a difference in the community.  Me being the dreamer I am, I said I wanted to style and interview Thomas Davis.  It took us a few weeks to work out the schedule because our segment was during football camp and we knew missing practice was not an option. As the universe would have it, Thomas agreed to do the segment and we went into action.

Thomas Davis

In June Mr. Davis and I met for my Father’s Day segment of Everyday Runway where we crowned him Fashion Father of the Year.” We talked family, fashion, philanthropy and football.  Candid and honest are just a couple of the words that best describe the interview with Mr. Davis.  He openly shared his childhood stuggles and triumphs, how he and  his wife are raising their children and the importance of using his platform to make a difference in their communities. 

“We want the kids and families to know that we genuinely care. We want to positively make a difference in the community.” Thomas Davis 

Thomas (yes we’re on a first name basis) and his wife Kelly are tackling social issues off the field.  The two of them have become one of the areas power couples through their philanthropic work in Charlotte, NC and their hometowns.  During our interview, Thomas shared why he insists on serving families during Thanksgiving and personally delivering toys to children for Christmas (watch the full interview below).  Faced with the struggles of life at an early age, Thomas worked hard and dedicated his life to being a great man, husband, father and community leader.  He doesn’t do all of these things for attention. Quite the contrary. He loves and gives back to the community for the peace which comes from knowing he made a difference.

Mr. Davis hosts one of the most anticipated football camps of the year.  The Thomas Davis Youth Football Camp continues to grow in popularity and reached capacity an hour after opening rregistration in 2016.  This is said to be the kickoff event for the busy summer ahead for The Thomas Davis Defending Dreams Foundation. The free football camp is one of three events held throughout the weekend to increase community awareness and raise funds for the foundation.

While most players, coaches and families are enjoying their summer vacation, Mr. Davis is still Defending Dreams.  Don’t get me wrong, the Davis’ enjoyed their fair share of travel and down time but as Ms. Davis stated, “We’re out in the community being the face of our foundation.”

Throughout the year, the Davis’ and their board of directors host a number of fundraising events. Of course the car show brings a crowd and is always a hit with the players displaying their most prized possessions on players row, but why? Why did Charles Johnson, Cam Newton and others participate in this event?  The same reason Luke Kuechly and Tre Boston participate in his annual toy drive during Christmas.  They do it for the children and families in the community.  You see the money working.  You see Thomas, Kelly and their beautiful children working.

Summer 2016 the Davis’ presented two of their students with $10,000 scholarships for college. As you can see below, they are putting the money to work for our communities.

“The YLA taught me that respect, responsibility, and integrity are the fundamental skills of becoming a great leader. They taught me how to be more open and how to overcome my shyness. They taught me that just because your friends are doing something, that doesn’t mean that you have to follow and thinking outside of the box is okay.  Mr. & Mrs. Thomas and Kelly Davis are a joy to be around and their sprit brings so much positivity. They are an inspiration to my life that helps me believe as long as I stay focused, stay in school, and keep God first, I can achieve anything I put my mind to.”  Ki-Ra Heard

It was an honor to have Thomas Davis onset for Everyday Runway.  I believe everyone of the glam squad members walked away knowing we had to do a little more, give a little more, help a little more.  I mean it’s hard not to keep going and give it your all when you’re sitting down with the man who played in the Super Bowl with a broken arm.

For even more fun and information on the segment watch the Runway Recap.



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