Greenery: Pantone color of the year. 

5 Ways to add Greenery into your daily beauty routine and wardrobe. 

Greenery, Pantones color of the year, was announced December 2016. Greenery is the color of rejuvenation and new beginnings.  It is a beautiful expression of zesty yellow and green combined. As soon as I saw the color my mind automatically began to think of how I could incorporate it into my Everyday looks. I am always trying to stay in the know with the latest trends to make sure I’m Runway ready.

The key to keeping up with the latest trends without breaking the bank is shopping your closet first. I know that’s going against our shoppers satisfaction but you’re more than likely already the proud owner of some cute stuff.  If not then I pray the “great sales gods” are with you so you can stretch your dollar.

Here’s how I decided to work my greenery to the max and share some tips on how you too can begin reconnecting with yourself and others.



5 Ways to Rock with Greenery

Accessories are the easiest way to stay on trend. Find you a cute scarf to throw around your neck and viola, you’ve created a new trendy look. Don’t stop there though. Look for special jewelry pieces. Earrings, necklaces, rings and watches always deliver. Check out DR Jewel Designs for some of my favorite pieces including the custom made necklace I’m modeling (pictured above).

Handbags. That’s right, your purse can do all the talking for you or pair up with other pieces to have others green with envy for your style. Go for a cute clutch if you’re enjoying a date night out. It will be perfect for carrying the necessities. You know lip gloss, ID, debit card, key and phone. IF you’re like one of my style sisters and insist on carrying a large handbag, try adding a monogram key chain for a little flare.

Nails. 20 new beginnings! There are so many companies producing nail polish the hardest part will be deciding which brand to use.  Drugstores and major brands have a number of options for you to decorate your cute feet and hands. So what are you going to do? Head on over to the nail salon and get pampered or go home, grab some wine and enjoy your down time.

Wardrobe. The easy part right?! You can wear greenery anyway you like. Kris Zell host of WCCB News Rising wore a green dress for the segment (see below). You can look for a print with the color in it or don a dress with just a hint to show your style. How about a cute pair of pants? I have a pair and will be praying that fit when I pull them out this spring. Your wardrobe may already have the keys to your green treasures. Dresses, pants, tops, blazers, skirts…shall I go on? Here are a few pictures of my favorite looks with another trend to be aware of, midi length.

Makeup.  Mmmhmmm. Makeup. Green eyeliner. Green lipstick. A gorgeous green smokey eye. Here’s where it might get tricky if you don’t know what you are looking for.
Tip: if you are going to wear a green lip I suggest a nude, toned down eye.  For an eye catching smokey eye pair it with a nude lip. How would you incorporate greenery into your makeup routine?

Watch the latest segment of Everyday Runway on WCCB to see how we incorporated greenery into our models look and gave the Rising co-hosts a quick trend upgrade.


Jennifer Michelle

Makeup Artist:  Yanneek Brinson
Wardrobe:  Nordstrom, South Park Mall
Jewelry:  DR Jewel Design
Styling Assistant:  Kimmie Altman

Jessica Macks

Makeup Artist:  Devin Pinnix
Wardrobe: Lane Bryant, North Lake Mall
Handbags:  Aldo Accessories
Jewelry:  DR Jewel Designs

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