The only thing I love more than being on the runway is coaching aspiring models.  As a model in the industry, I did not have a coach, manager or mentor to help me get on the runway.  All I had was a burning desire and determination to walk in a fashion show.  After my first time down the runway I knew where I wanted to be every day of my life. That was almost 20 years ago and nothing has changed.

Well, that wouldn’t be true because I feel such pride and joy when I see my model babies walking the runway.  Coaching for me is the next best thing to being on the runway.  My goal is to make sure every single client experiences this feeling EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

“As a coach she (Jennifer) really helped me know that I am the “it girl” when I walk the runway. She gave me the tools to be confident!” Lulu

“Jennifer Michelle prepared my daughter for the demands of the industry. Lulu had no experience when we started working with her and now she has bookings every month! She taught her everything from walking the runway to what to put in her model bag. She has invaluable knowledge because she has been in the industry as a model herself!” Jessica A

How bad do you want to succeed in the industry?  Are you willing to invest the time, energy and finances necessary to make your dream a reality?

“I saw after one session with Jennifer, night and day, difference in her walk.” Christal D

If you are ready to start training and get ready for the runway then now is the time to contact us.  We are available for group and private sessions.  Call us today at (347) 619-2183 or email

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