Model Lulu said “As a coach she really helped me know that I am the “it girl” when I walk the runway. She gave me the tools to be confident!”
Jessica A, mother of Lulu “Jennifer Michelle prepared my daughter for the demands of the industry. Lulu had no experience when we started working with her and now she has bookings every month! She taught her everything from walking the runway to what to put in her model bag. She has invaluable knowledge because she has been in the industry as a model herself!”
Model Lauren “Lulu” A
Photo CPD Traveler

“I recommended, insisted, that one of our potential models train with Jennifer. I was not going to allow the model to walk in the show if she was not prepared.  Jennifer was able to train the model in two weeks and have her ready for the runway.  Her three models did a fantastic job for us.”  Chris D, Porsche Design Group

Jennifer Michelle is a model coach with 20 years experience in the fashion industry.

“Professional, committed, knowledgeable,  brilliant, and a team player. These are the words that come to mind, when I think of Jennifer.  I’ve been very fortunate to have Jennifer as part of my team.  She has provided excellent service for me and my brand.  She continues to be  instrumental in ensuring my presence on a plethora of social media outlets.  In addition, she has been key to providing great input to my business strategy discussions, and very supportive doing my live events.   If you want to increase your online presence, and propel your brand forward, I would highly recommend Jennifer as a partner.”  Satisfied Client Donna B.